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我和麦克老师学英语从2008年开始… 麦克老师给了我很大的帮助在英语学习方面.. 我会持续关注麦克老师的视频.. 好好学英语😄

Figo Zhao Student & Fan

I started following you 5 years ago, when I was a freshman in college. Nowadays I got a nice job offer in Shanghai. That's a big reward for learning English for so many years! I wanna say thank you Mike laoshi. I'll support your content forever!

Jax Lai Student & Fan

麦克老师是一个很有耐心、爱心的老师, 学习英语是一个漫长的路程,跟着麦克老师学肯定能学好!

Christa Lee Student & Fan


Kane Guan Student & Fan

The first time I watched it was in my high school English class. A humorous foreigner talked about relevant English expressions. But the content is not boring, but also very practical. You can learn about life in foreign countries, and enjoy the magical collision of multi-culture.

Xuandy Student & Fan