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Where do I start?


Start by learning the (100% FREE!) 625 most common words in English, covering 60% of all spoken English.


Still having trouble understanding English movies? Awkward miscommunications when traveling


Master your English pronunciation FAST by learning all the tips and tricks that make native speakers sound…well, native.

It's the most international language in the world

English hasn't always been, and won't always be the international language, but it is RIGHT NOW.

High return on investment

There are more MONEY MAKING opportunities worldwide for English speakers than any other language.

English speakers are all over the world

People from every country use English to do business internationally. What's stopping you from meeting them?


Yes! Start here with my FREE and popular 625 most common English words course. Download the bilingual PDF and watch the accompanying video.

Yes, I do! You can check out my popular 625 most common English words course OR my 100 most common phrasal verbs acted out course. They are 100% free and always will be.

If you are not 100% satisfied with any of my courses within 30 days of purchase, just send me a message and I will arrange a refund. 

English club (coming soon!) will consist of monthly cohorts with weekly Zoom hangouts where we will discuss a topic together. Throughout the week, you will also meet with your small group ‘Pod Meeting’ to further increase your speaking exposure and meet friends all over the world!  We will be in a group chat together where you can ask questions and the community can give you feedback on your English.

Yes, I am a real teacher have a valid teaching license from the state of Florida. I’ve taught in the classroom for nearly 10 years, but now I currently focus on teaching online. You can learn more about me here.

There are many ways to get in touch with me on my ‘Contact Me’ page. I will try my best to get back to you!

First, try logging out and logging in again. If that doesn’t work, please send me a message with your specific issue. Thanks for your patience!